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We work with people.

Driven by curiosity, empathy, and expertise, we help organizations make informed decisions about their greatest asset: People.

We are Assessment Psychologists who specialize in the areas of employee selection, leadership and team development, and leadership strategy.

What We Do

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Assessment & Strategic Leadership

Whether making a new hire, promoting from within, setting up succession planning, or defining critical leadership behaviors to achieve organizational goals, our approach to assessment and evaluation provides organizations with the knowledge they require to make confident personnel decisions.

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Awareness & Development

Awareness of one’s impact on others is often the best place to begin the development conversation. Through assessment, 360° feedback, and coaching we build awareness and provide the custom framework necessary for successful leadership development engagements.

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Motivation & Performance

The people that make up your organization is what makes it tick. Multiple variables play a role in dialing up performance but understanding people’s unique motivations is fundamental to them delivering the best they’ve got. Providing this insight to leaders can help them avoid a one-size-fits-all approach to leading and meet each individual where they need.

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Our Clients

Patagonia / Nike / LL Bean / Huckberry / Sugarloaf / Taylor Stitch / +You

How We Do It

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We Follow Up

We see ourselves as true consultants and as such, we will be there when you need us. No account manager or salesperson, you have direct access to our expertise. Our goal is to exceed your expectations and ensure that every engagement concludes with you wanting to work with us again.

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We Execute

Once designed, implementing the solution becomes our focus. While sticking to a plan is often successful, we find remaining agile throughout the engagement equals the best results. Things change quickly and so can we

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We Listen 
& Design

Every client engagement starts with you talking and us listening. Organizations are complex environments with unique challenges and by applying our expertise to your organization’s specific needs allows for a custom designed solution that results in a successful outcome

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“He just gets it. And that’s the most helpful thing.”

About Us

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Andrew Rand, Ph.D.

We design everything from hotels to buildings and homes to commercial spaces. Our team focuses on the process to ensure that the final results are nothing less than perfect spaces for our clients. We value the people we work with. Respect, honesty, compassion and professionalism guide us in our day-to-day work

We’d love to talk.
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